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Mike describes himself as a professional nerd with a passion for learning and helping others. As a Realtor for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Champions in Riverside Ca., he has set himself apart by using his experiences to provide unmatched value and service.

What does Mike know about exception VIP service? As a pilot Mike has earned commercial and instructor ratings in both helicopters and airplanes. His experiences include flying commercial airline and business jets for regular clients such as Vice President Al Gore, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Pixar Icon John Lasseter and many more high profile client's. As a former chief Pilot for Chalk2, Mike has worked as both pilot and photographer with the US ARMY, US AIRFORCE, RAYTHEON, GENERAL ATOMICS and SKUNK WORKS. 

As the owner and operator of King Corporate Imaging LLC, he oversees every creative and business aspect of marketing and branding for small businesses and real estate. From graphic and web design, print, photography, video production etc. He also publishes Norco's Community Newsletter the Hitching Post and is a registered journalist with the IAPP. His passion for delivering the best with his creative and technical background delivers a product and service second to none in Real Estate.


Featured In Executive Agent Magazine for Exceptional Service and Value!

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Mike recently released his first Country Music EP. It is now available on all major Download and streaming platforms. 

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Country Was Cover

All Photos provided courtesy of Mike King and are the sole property of King Corporate Imaging LLC.

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